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100 minutes, 60 days (6000 units)

The voucher can only be used for SIM cards that are bought in this shop.


The activation will be done by uploading a voucher. The validity period of 60 days starts on the date of SIM activation.


By uploading this voucher on an already activated SIM card the validity period will extend 60 days, 100 minutes (6000 units) will be add to your account.


You have two options to recharge this voucher to your SIM card:

  • Inform us by completing your desired activation date during purchase or
  • Inform us simply by email or by telephone about the desired activation date.


On the day of recharge we inform you by email about your telephone number as well as the PIN and PUK codes.

As soon as the recharge has been made the voucher is in use.

Iridium Prepaid Voucher - 100 minutes, 60 days (World)

SKU: W2313
Tax Included
  • Outgoing call usage to:

    • Iridium - 30 units
    • Fixed or Mobile Phones - 60 units
    • Other Satellite Networks - 540 units

    Text message 6 units

    All incoming calls are free for the Iridium subscriber (but not for the caller!), except for two-stage dialing calls, which are billed at the outgoing call rate

    Data calls (Dial-up and Direct Internet) are billed at 60 units per minute

    Calling Iridium personal mailbox is billed at 30 units per minute

  • Electronic Article. Free of shipping costs.

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