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SeaTalkng Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is perfect to get you going with SeaTalkng. contains: Two Terminators, Power Cable, 5-Way Block, 3m Spur Cable.


STng Starter Kit contains:

  • 1x A06064 STng 5 Way Connector
  • 2x A06031 STng Back Bone Terminator
  • 1x A06040 STng Spur Cable (3m)
  • 1x A06049 STng Straight Power Cable (2M)

Raymarine STng Starter Kit

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  • The current marine industry standard. All current Raymarine MFDs are NMEA2000 certified. The standard utilises the CAN (Control Area Network) design developed by Bosch for the automotive market but with messages/sentence appropriate for the marine industry.

    A multi-talker, multi-listener approach using serial data at moderate date rates (250kbs).

    Raymarine’s proprietary cable system for use in NMEA 2000 networks. The design provides two advantages. First, the connector collars are retained on the product which allows for a smaller cable diameter making installations easier. More importantly, the cable can include a sixth wire which allows for backward compatibility with SeaTalk1 equipment.

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