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The CZone Contact 6 PLUS system delivers a cost-effective solution that simplifies installation.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Auckland, New Zealand – BEP / Power Products:

BEP Marine, manufacturer of CZone Digital Switching, announces the Contact 6 PLUS System delivering a new era in affordable digital control for wide market applications.

CZone Contact 6 PLUS

The CZone Contact 6 PLUS system delivers a cost-effective solution that simplifies installation with the addition of the new Contact 6 PLUS, the CZone Waterproof Keypad and the innovative new Smart Harness. The Contact 6 PLUS system reduces installation time, network component cost and delivers a robust electrical system with fewer connection points than a conventional installation.

CZone’s new Waterproof Keypad range delivers an IPX7 submersible rating and was designed to be easy to install and operate.  The CZone Waterproof Keypads offer RGB controlled circuit backlighting with dimming control for low light operation, systems in operation LEDs for each circuit and blown fuse fault indication.

The CZone Contact 6 PLUS system provides an ultra-low current draw state to reduce demand on small electrical systems yet still delivers features such as timer functions and Load Shedding to preserve critical battery life by turning off non-essential loads as voltage drops.  The Contact 6 PLUS also integrates with all major marine chart plotter and Multi-Function display manufacturers for direct control of electrical systems from your display, including fault warning notifications and circuit status indication. 

CZone has also released a new innovative Smart Harness. CZone utilizes the industry standard NMEA2000 network for its communication protocol. The new Smart Harness replaces the need for a complete network backbone in a small system, meaning a robust, simpler and more cost-effective installation. The Smart Harness can also be fitted independent to any CZone installation where a small network comprising of 2 or 3 devices is required.

What is CZone

CZone simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring. CZone is perfect for marine and mobile automotive applications and replaces switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of your electrical systems.

With one touch, CZone’s intelligent management simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits through Mode selection, offers effortless Monitoring oversight of key systems and components while retaining advanced Control of specific circuits and functions.

CZone can take care of all the little things, leaving more time for the user to focus on what they value. Whether you are preparing the boat for the evening’s entertaining, hitting the open road away from stable power, or focusing on getting the job done on the incident scene, let CZone do the thinking.

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