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MANTAGUA LED Lighting Innovations


Since 2005, BREIZELEC designs and manufactures LED lightings for various industries under the MANTAGUA brand. Their engineers develop the electronics, optics, mechanics and plastics for MANTAGUA bulbs and lighting by selecting the best suppliers worldwide.

MANTAGUA aim to get the best quality/performance ratio at the right price.

LED lights quality can be assessed by:

  • the lighting power in lumen (lux or Candela are not adequate).

  • the beam angle (with a minimum of 90°, less if you add an optical lens)

  • the white colour temperature, in the Kelvin range: warm white is essential in order to offer comfortable atmosphere (less than 3.200K).

  • the led regulation: these electronic components are the most important in order to get constant lighting power and long expected life.

  • bridge rectifiers implementation which facilitates the installation of the lighting and eliminates polarity.

  • the design.

All MANTAGUA products follow these technical guidelines in order to bring you the lighting comfort and energy savings you're looking for.

Design & manufacturing of Mantagua’s products has been certified ISO 9001 by DNV-GL in 2018, and the entire range of mast navigation lights do not interfere with VHF and AIS. They have been CE certified in 2016 by an independent laboratory and comply to the IEC 60945 4th Edition 2002-08 as per the report 204009 EMC Ed. 1.2.

We stock a range of the MANTAGUA LED Lighting, visit our online shop to see what's new.

The NEW 2022 Catalogue is now available to download or read online here.

Get in touch if you see anything of interest for your application and we would be more than happy to discuss the entire MANTAGUA range.

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