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Clean NMEA 2000® installations with Actisense solutions.

Reduce your NMEA 2000 cabling requirements, saving time, space and money with the A2K-4WD NMEA 2000 4-Way Instrument Drop from Actisense.

In an NMEA2000 Network, the drop cables must not be extended more than 6m. Using the 4-way drop can greatly reduce the need for multiple T-connectors and drop cables from devices that are clustered in areas such as, consoles, mast brackets and coach-roofs.

Typically, when four devices need to be connected to the N2K backbone, a T-piece and individual cable is required for each one. Sometimes these drops can be 2m each where space is at a premium. The 4-way drop makes it possible to shorten the length of each cable needed before reaching a T-piece on the backbone, making the overall installation cleaner and less cluttered.

Technical Specification

• 4 Female and 1 Male connector

• 2m UL Certified cable

• Part number: A2K-4WD-1

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