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Simply plugs into the shore power cable for instant protection for standard 16 amp shore power pedestals.

100Amp fault current capacity.

Suitable for 110/250 Vac supply and 3-63 Amp shore power pedestals.

Standard UK /EU blue plugs for quick installation.

Built in status monitoring

Waterproof IP 56 enclosure with fully sealed cable glands.

Isolator Dimensions: 200 x 150 x 80mm

Cable Lenght: approx. 750mm each.

SAFESHORE Galvanic Isolator Model GI-100SMI Inline

SKU: GI100-104
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    • Safeshore excellence.
    • 2 stage design ensures maximum galvanic and stray current protection.
    • Remote status monitoring for fault diagnosis and easy testing.
    • Anodised multi finned construction for effective cooling under severe fault conditions.
    • Standard UK /EU blue plugs for quick installation.
    • Suitable for use with 110 / 250 volt power supplies and 3 to 63 amps shore power pedestals.
    • 100 amp fault current capacity essential for total reliability.
    • High grade internal components.
    • Isolator dimensions : 200 x 150 x 80mm
    • Cable length approx. 0.75M each.
    • Designed to exceed electrical safety standards and marine specifications.
    • Supplied with full installation pack and clear easy to understand instructions.
    • Genuine 2 year warranty.

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