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Hook up to NMEA 2000 whilst keeping currently installed NMEA 0183 devices.

The NGW-1 provides an uncomplicated way to link between a boat’s data networks and converts NMEA 0183 data into NMEA 2000 data and vice-versa. Multiple NGW-1 units can be used to multiplex numerous NMEA 0183 devices onto the NMEA 2000 network, using the network as a means of combining and transferring all data from one place to another.

ACTISENSE NGW-1 NMEA 2000® Gateway

Tax Included
    • Fully isolated NMEA 0183 incorporating ISO-Drive™ technology
    • Advanced configuration using Actisense Toolkit allows Tx / Rx lists and Tx rates to be set
    • Supports Fast Heading at 10Hz
    • Up to 230,400 baud data transfer rate
    • Integrated 1.5m drop cable
    • Diagnostic receive LEDs


    • Upgrade NMEA 0183 equipment to NMEA 2000
    • Allow NMEA 0183 devices to receive vital NMEA 2000 data
    • Use the NMEA 2000 bus to multiplex several NMEA 0183 signals together
    • Reliable, renowned bi-directional conversion engine
    • Supports a wide range of conversions including AIS
    • Easily configurable using Actisense Toolkit