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RG-58C/U 50 Ω Coax Cable for VHF Radios, AIS, and GPS Receivers.

Sold per metre.


A high quality, black RG-58 type cable comprising 19x0.18mm stranded tinned copper conductor, solid polyethylene dielectric, 80%  copper braid coverage and insulated in black PVC outer jacket.

Commonly used for connecting marine antennas and antenna splitters to AIS and VHF Transceivers.


To build your own cable, order RG58CU coax to your required length and add 2 x PL259 plugs.


Standard coaxial cable assemblies, of a specified length, can be manufactured for despatch within 2 to 3 days. Contact us about cable assemblies.

Marine VHF RG58 Coaxial Cable

€3.00 Regular Price
€2.25Sale Price
1 Meter
Tax Included
    • RG58CU Coaxial Cable
    • Used with VHF, AIS and GPS
    • Sold per metre
    • Custom assemblies available on request
    • Stranded tinned copper inner conductor
    • Solid dielectric
    • 80% Braid coverage
    • Black PVC outer jacket