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Isolate an RS232 (PC) port to protect against
ground loops. The OPTO-4 provides a safe and low cost way of connecting an RS422 (NMEA 0183) system to an RS232 (PC COM port) system, or any other device with a standard RS232 9-pin port.

The OPTO-4 provides comprehensive galvanic OPTO-isolation to protect the PC input/receiver, plus important spike suppression to improve the PC output/transmitter protection. Initially designed for systems wishing to receive NMEA 0183 data without the risk of ground loop damage, the flexible OPTO-4 can be used to interface any RS422 and standard RS232 connection, whilst powering itself from the RS232 port, making installation simple and very quick.

ACTISENSE OPTO-4 NMEA 0183 to RS232 Opto-Isolator

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    • One RS422 OPTO-isolated input
    • One RS422 (NMEA 0183) output
    • Up to 115200 baud
    • Port powered
    • Shielded cable and case


    • Protects PC input/receiver from damage
    • Water resistant cable.
    • Ruggedized over-moulded case suitable for harsh environment
    • Quick and easy to install