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Introducing the all new Type Approved NMEA 0183 Buffers from Actisense

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Featuring award-winning ISO-Drive technology, the two new buffers come complete in all-metal enclosures and have been Type Approved by RINA.

With one opto-isolated input and 6 ISO-Drive outputs, the PRO-NBF-1 is the perfect choice for the smaller vessel.

Larger workboats and vessels will benefit further, with the PRO-BUF-2, featuring 2 inputs and 12 outputs, all fully configurable and powered by Actisense intelligence.

Type Approved NMEA 0183 Buffer

Safely connect one Talker to six Listeners with full isolation

The Type approved NMEA Buffer PRO-NBF-1 Buffer isolates and buffers NMEA 0183 data, with the power to drive multiple devices.

Able to distribute up to six identical, amplified streams of data from one source the NMEA signals are buffered to ensure that each Listener receives the data at the required voltage levels, providing consistent data quality.

Isolation on the input and outputs ensures the protection of the source Talker device and Listener devices.

Intelligent Type Approved NMEA Buffer

Two OPTO-isolated inputs and twelve ISO-Drive™isolated outputs. Offering device protection and excellent flexibility, all in one product.

The PRO-BUF-2 is rugged, with a stainless steel housing, and provides isolation on all inputs and outputs. With two NMEA 0183 inputs, twelve NMEA 0183 outputs, a bi-directional serial port and an Ethernet port, the PRO-BUF-2 is a perfect solution for larger leisure vessels and commercial ships that require type-approved devices.

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