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EM-TRAK BT100 Fishing BUOY-Tracker

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

BUOY-Tracker, enables you to electronically mark any type of fishing buoy.

Easy and quick to clip to any buoy type and completely waterproof (IPx8 certified), BUOY-Tracker has an internal rechargeable battery that allows it to operate continuously for over 120 hours between charges.

The EM-TRAK BUOY-Tracker system is fully interoperable.

Fit all your Buoys with mounting brackets, have a few BT100 transceivers that you can swap between brackets and a couple of charging docks to charge transceivers between use. It’s easy and simple.

BUOY-Tracker is a certified AIS AtoN* transceiver which is especially certified and legal for use on buoys. Its tough high quality construction makes it ideal for long term continuous use in even the harshest conditions.

*A marine Aid to Navigation (AtoN) is a device or system external to vessels that is designed and operated to enhance the safe and efficient navigation of vessels.

Convenient, easy to use, low cost, certified and with a range of accessories to make things even easier, BUOY-Tracker will enable you to reliably locate and protect your fishing buoys using your existing AIS and navigation displays in all weathers all year round.

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